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About Create-A-Book 

Create-A-Book Inc. invented a method to make personalized books on a PC and binding them in under five minutes. The Internet has since taken the personalized book business to an even higher level because it's convenient to offer personalized books on your website from your home. Making books for children is a very rewarding experience. You will be helping children learn to read because personalized books are read over and over. Create-A-Book books also build self esteem in a child, since they are the main character in every book. And, with our patented system, you can satisfy that demand and make a profit doing it. The name Create-A-Book means quality. We have developed a system to market books to the schools with our "Give-A-Book" program that is funded by local merchants. Our books have been shown on Oprah and Good Morning America, and featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles nationwide.

About Bonnie's "Memory Makers"

Hello, my name is Bonnie. My husband and I have owned and operated our gift shop (Bonnie's "Memory Makers") since 1985 and I have been a Create-A-Book dealer since 1986. Our Children were read to long before they could even sit up. Their interest in books grew and were a part of their every day activities. They exceled in school and we believe this was due in part to their excellent reading abilities. When I found these great books, I thought, what a wonderful tool to get children interested in reading. Over the years we have been told exactly what we knew from the beginning....a personalized storybook does attract and hold a childs interest. Therefore, the child with a personalized storybook where the story revolves around the child, will want to learn to read...more and more and more. Teach a child to read and reading will be Fundamental.